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Divorce is one of the most stressful transitions in life. A divorce coach can successfully guide you through all aspects of your divorce, from deciding when it is time to restructure your relationship to creating a positive vision plan for your life beyond marriage. A coach helps you to be well positioned and fully supported to create a more positive divorce experience for everyone involved. With the help of a coach, you are setting the stage for responsiveness rather than reactivity. By learning to take care of yourself and take control of your situation, you can change the narrative of your experience from one of failure and powerless victim to a positive experience of growth and transformation.


Coaching provides professional support to navigate the many difficult decisions you will be faced with and guides you through the often unfamiliar terrain. Coaching provides a safe space to process intense emotions in a productive manner and provides the framework for you to envision a positive future and gear all actions toward achieving desirable outcomes. The process of divorce is a unique experience and it is beneficial to have someone in your corner who understands what you are going through, how scary, lonely, isolating and overwhelming the experience can be. Being prepared can help bring down the intensity and emotional fallout of difficult interactions and challenging conversations.


I will help you get clear on what is most important to you beyond the positioning and emotional turmoil. With support, you will show up calmer and clearer, so you can advocate successfully for yourself, aligned with your true needs and values. To create the most constructive divorce experience possible, it is vital to get support from a professional who is trained and equipped to help you successfully handle all the conflicts, decisions, and unknowns of a divorce. 

A Divorce Coach helps you:

  • Take control over the process and your future

  • Move through the emotional divorce

  • Confidently make tough decisions and find the right professionals to support you

  • Negotiate and communicate effectively

  • Bring down the intensity

  • Save money and make informed decisions  
  • Optimally navigate every aspect of your divorce

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