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Break free from the life patterns and narratives that no longer serve you. Take charge of your story and align your desires, intentions, and actions to create the life you want to live. If you are ready for a change, feeling stuck, frustrated or underwhelmed, I can help you figure out what you would like to be experiencing and build a roadmap to get there. Making changes can be really hard, even when you know exactly what is and isn't working. We could all benefit from a little guidance and support to move ahead and break away from our old unsatisfying and dysfunctional ways. 

"Ellie listened to what I was really saying, she asked hard questions and digested my words. Through this process she was able to decipher what I really wanted in life. Ellie inspired me to pursue my goals and stay focused on what I wanted, stay confident and share my goals with others that mattered. As a result I was presented with a job offer for a great position with an amazing company I'm working for today!"

Georgie R.

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