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My Approach

I guide my clients to become aware of the misaligned beliefs and behaviors that keep them from the fulfilling relationships and successes they desire. We start by identifying the disconnects - what's working and what's not - the approaches and actions keeping you stuck or pushing you further from your goals. Learning to utilize "the power of the pause" helps you recognize triggers and interrupt patterned responses and behaviors that do not serve you or your objectives.  When you pause, you can make a conscious decision to shift from a habitual reaction of fear, control, or protection. Once you've interrupted your reaction, you can be curious about what's truly going on internally and situationally and act intentionally. You can choose to be fully present, reset, align with integrity and intention, and move toward connection and desired outcomes.


The first step of solving any problem is recognizing a problem exists and then understanding the motivation behind the situation and taking the intentional action to resolve it rather than responding from a triggered state. By developing self-awareness, agency, adopting collaborative problem solving techniques, constructive communication and effective conflict resolution skills that build connection and lead to satisfaction, you shift away from those that escalate separation, power struggles and frustration.

Use the "Power of the Pause" to:

  • ​Interrupt recurring conflicts

  • Disrupt a power struggle

  • Build closeness and connection

  • Foster understanding

  • Grow self-awareness

  • Recognize destructive habitual patterns

  • Hear and understand

  • Take the pressure off

  • Check alignment of integrity of intention and action

  • Reset

  • Reframe

  • Redirect

  • Succeed

"When times are rough, you need more love not less." - Sarah Blondin

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